My vision: playing is also an art!

I like to design exciting sculptures which possess a lot of speed or pace. No one side of a design is the same; it has to be interesting from all sides.
My upcoming sculpture, 'Samenspel', can be shown in a variety of ways: upside down, from the side, or whatever you want. I've created more designs with that goal, like 'Uitdaging', but in practice I always put them in the same way since the attachment points were always at the bottom of the sculpture. I now refrain from that "attachment idea". It's much more exciting if you can "play" with the shapes: playing is also an art!

CV-related affairs

I was born in 1958 and started working after finishing high school. From a hobby perspective, I had always been using my hands, so I ended up at a part-time Art Education course in Sint Niklaas, Belgium. Here I was given the chance to develop myself under supervision of expert teachers. I also found the contact with like-minded persons very important, and I am convinced that without constructive criticism and others' help, it would not have been possible to get to where I am now. As an artist, I have found my way: the simpler the forms, the harder it gets. A real challenge!
And how I think to reach the top? Watch:­KaLjXYKbW3M
(not streetknitting but streetcrocheting..)


BBK (Professional Association)
KvK (Chamber of Commerce) 53394178